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つぶやかれた、ヴェイパーウェイヴたち - 2021年・秋冬コレクション (4)

Vaporwave / Dreampunk albums - the ones we introduced on Twitter - also logged here.

─── ЇиԂҙӼ ───
Male Alchemy: 啓示の年 - Collected Edition (2021) -
haircuts for men: パステル勾配 lp (2015) -
video forum: I (2020) -
Nocturnal Hotline: スビト ep (2021) -
⦓🍊⦔ タンジェリン: Redefining ♾️ Infinity (2021) -
eternal judge: atlantic trench (2021) -
Mick Rudry: Dive (2021) -

Male Alchemy: 啓示の年 - Collected Edition (2021)
20 songs 93 min ≫≫≫≫≫
床屋ヴェイパー男性の錬金術のメイルさん、その2021年・夏のプロジェクトであった『啓示の年 EP』三部作……
それがひとつのアルバムに、コレクションされましています! さらにうれしいボーナストラックら5曲を追加で、実質四部作〜っ‼
Barber Vapor, Male Alchemy. And his "Year of Revelation EP" trilogy was a project for the summer of 2021...
Now it's all on one album, collected! And with the addition of five delightful bonus tracks, it's now effectively a tetralogy!

haircuts for men: パステル勾配 lp (2015)
10 songs 49 min ≫≫≫≫≫
Around 2017... I got interested in Vaporwave for the first time, and listened to this and that
And this album “Pastel Slope” is the first one that made me feel good and taught me the senses of Vapor, A True Masterpiece❗

video forum: I (2020)
12 songs 21 min ≫≫≫≫≫
2021年、EXPANDING EARTHからの再発にともない、以前より少しアルバムアートがシックになりました!
Heart wrenching, unintelligible melancholy... A blow of Nostalgia that you don't remember... video forum, one of the masters of Computergaze / Signalwave
And “I”, his impressive album from 2020
In 2021, with the reissue, the album art is a little more CHIC than before!

Nocturnal Hotline: スビト ep (2021)
5 songs 23 min ≫≫≫≫≫
そしてアルバムアートに書かれたニホン語……〈セックスする あなたがす べき音楽〉
これを英訳しないで欲しい、とノクタさんが言っていたのですが、他ならぬ私がそれを全世界にやりました! イェイッ
A mellow, gentle Barber Beats by South Carolina's Nocturnal Hotline!
And Japanese letters on the album art... “Have Sex / Music you have to do”
Mr. Nocturnal said that he wants this not be translated, but I, of all people, did it for the whole world! Yay!

⦓🍊⦔ タンジェリン: Redefining ♾️ Infinity (2021)
71 songs 24 hrs 34 min ≫≫≫≫≫
The shadowy giant of Slushwave - Kagoshima Tangerine!
He seems to be depicting a world where entropy is maximized and powerlessness is at its peak
And to close out his fulfilling year 2021, this epic album, which is over 24 hours long, has been dropped
You, too, can experience this work and redefine "Infinity"!

eternal judge: atlantic trench (2021)
9 songs 43 min ≫≫≫≫≫
An Barber Beats album inspired by Dungeons & Dragons™❗
That being said, for example, the 5th track "Dungeon," certainly sounds like it

Mick Rudry: Dive (2021)
12 songs 41 min ≫≫≫≫≫
Mick Rudry, reportedly a Nashville man, and his Vapor works are diverse and eclectic in style
And this album, Dive, is a collection of bright-toned Slushwave, the sound of the Bliss!